Exercising – What's stopping you?

Sometimes when you least expect it, someone says something that really resonates with you and your life changes. I recently had this experience and it has made such a difference in my life that I wanted to share it with you.

I am in a coach training program and as part of our training, we practice coaching and being coached.  Each week we need to present an issue that is affecting us. My coaching issue was the fact that I just can’t seem to get on the treadmill regularly. Sounds simple doesn’t it? You might think blocking out a specific time each day or rewarding myself when I do it would be helpful, but no. These were all suggestions I came up with and then dismissed because I had tried them before and failed.

Then my coach asked me how I felt about each part (beginning, middle and end) of exercising. I realized I don’t mind the treadmill, once I am on it. The part I do not like is getting ready. It seems I always forget something (heart monitor, water, sneakers, mp3 player, etc) and that means another trip downstairs. Sometimes I could be up and down the stairs three or four times.

That’s when my coach asked me how much time it takes to get ready. My answer was 3-5 minutes. Here’s the revelation. Three to five minutes (of disorganization) was stopping me from working out regularly!  Three minutes of aggravation stopped 45 minutes of fitness. I was stunned!

A quick analysis of the disorganization showed a number of ways I could make that 3 minutes easier on myself. I now have everything except my water upstairs. I bring the water upstairs with me after breakfast. Now I don’t need to go downstairs for anything and getting on the treadmill is almost enjoyable! It is certainly easier and less painful. What part of the whole exercise routine is preventing you from getting fit? Let me know what changes you make so that 2010 is the year you get and stay fit by using the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.