What my Clients Have to Say

Working with Laine Changed Our Lives

  I contacted Laine Dougherty when my youngest son was a high school sophomore and had just moved in with me full time. My son was struggling with ADHD and consequently, his academic performance and anxiety were getting worse. I was concerned he wouldn’t graduate. Then I found Laine.

Her ADHD support group for parents gave me hope and her class for parents educated me and provided me a better understanding of ADHD. I learned how I could help my son have a normal, healthy, happy adolescence. With this new education and understanding, and guidance from Laine I learned how with patience, support, and lots of love I could be a better parent for my child. What Laine offers can and will help your child step onto the road to become a happy, healthy, well-adjusted young adult!

My life changed because Laine gave me the tools to help my son. My relationship with him improved — there was less stress and tension and more fun.  I learned not to expect perfection, but instead to look for progress. When we started, my son had a 2.2 GPA and was on two medications for ADHD and anxiety. After working with Laine, he graduated high school as an honor roll student with a 3.0 GPA. He’s presently a college sophomore holding a steady 3.1 GPA, medication free, and happy! As the saying goes; happy kids, happy parents! I highly recommend Laine Dougherty to help both parents and children who have ADHD and want and need help.”

- John L.

We Got the Support We Needed!

I reached out to Laine because my daughter was struggling with homework, school deadlines, and overall organization and focus. I felt overwhelmed and rather alone with her struggles and was looking for support for not only my daughter, but for me as I had no idea how to patiently parent a child with ADHD.

Coming to understand the world of ADHD was not easy, but Laine's approach is the perfect combination of patience, personal experience, and insights that made me feel supported, educated, and that I do have the skills to be a better parent to my daughter.

It’s hard to say who benefited more from working with Laine, my daughter or me. My daughter gained skills and support that the school system can’t always provide. As a parent, I learned I'm not alone in facing these challenges, something that was and continues to be a huge benefit for me. 

My daughter is now in a number of AP classes and is organized, motivated, and thriving in all areas of her life.”

- Judi I.

Better Understanding and Now Can Manage ADHD

I sought out Laine because my child was struggling with ADHD. I wanted a tutor or a coach to help my child with both school and social skills. Laine’s individual student coaching and her parent class proved highly beneficial for us both. My child gained confidence and could finally approach homework and school in ways that worked. I gained a much better understanding of ADHD and how it impacts both the individual and family. Laine offered us concrete skills and helped us develop strategies to manage it all and my child learned how to manage their own ADHD.”

- Amie L.