ADHD Group Classes & Workshops for Students

There are a variety of group classes and workshops that are designed to help your child thrive with ADHD. Students often have varying needs depending on age, class level, and where they are in their ADHD journey. Sometimes full individual support is needed and sometimes the support found in a group environment becomes an effective complement to individual coaching.

All group classes and workshops are held online via Zoom so no traveling is required.

Back to School (BTS) Essentials

This 90-minute workshop helps your preteen or teen start the school year or the new term organized and in control. It’s common for students with ADHD to need to re-orient and re-focus after the summer or winter break.

Students will refresh their skills on how to …

  • Figure out what system works best for them to track assignments, projects, and responsibilities.
  • Organize and maintain their notebooks and backpack.
  • Apply effective strategies to homework time for less procrastination and better self-management.
  • Effectively plan their approach to homework and design a routine they can stick to.
  • Improve note taking skills to aid in learning. 
  • And more.

This class helps middle and high school students identify their challenges and encourages them to problem solve solutions that will work for them. They will learn a simple, four-step method to organize anything while also covering the importance of maintenance so their newly-found organization continues to work.

Students will begin to understand what it means to study, versus simply "rereading".  They will also learn memory tips and strategies for other homework challenges.

This class is for students in middle school and high school (taught separately.)


Dates: August 2023

Time: Middle school: 1 PM and High school: 3 PM

If this sounds beneficial for your student, but you have questions, contact me to learn more.

“Fun”damentals of Learning

The choice for motivated students in grades 2-3 or grades 4-5, who struggle with organization, time and project management, problem solving, flexible thinking, and aren’t achieving the grades that they’re capable of. 

Does your child struggle with…

  • Motivation and self-confidence?
  • Completing tasks without guidance every step of the way?
  • Keeping track of homework assignments and projects?
  • Organizing, prioritizing, and completing their responsibilities?
  • Getting out the door in the morning?

This 3-session class uses hands-on activities and problem-solving strategies to teach the basic skills necessary to be an effective learner. Students in both groups will begin to better understand mindset and its impact on their learning, how organization can help them with their daily personal and school responsibilities, and what it REALLY means to study.

They will learn:

  • Importance of a Growth Mindset
  • Failure's role in learning
  • Organization and maintenance
  • Directions and Teacher Expectations
  • Homework routines
  • Strategies for learning, recall, and effectively communicating the knowledge the student possesses.

The class is offered to students in grades 4-5 and class size is limited to 8 students allowing for individual attention and personalized learning.


Due to the new online presentation of this class, "Fun”damentals for Grades 2/3 has not been scheduled yet.

Class includes homework accountability and email/text access for questions.

Due to the online presentation of this class, “Fun”damentals for Grades 4/5 will be held in October of 2023.  

Investment is $150 and includes homework accountability and email/text access for questions.

If you have questions about the class, please contact me to learn more.

The Impact of ADHD & Executive Dysfunction

Group Classes for Middle & High School Students

As adults or students, we depend on certain skills and strategies such as goal setting, planning, organization, stress management, and problem solving in order to be successful.

We have to be able to focus, and monitor and control impulses in order to make the best choices based on our understanding. Our thinking needs to be focused, logical, and practical, more often than not, to get the job or task completed. To do this, we rely on our Executive Function (EF) skills.

As adults we often take these executive function skills for granted. Teens often struggle because their EFs are not yet fully developed. Have you ever tried to do something for which you knew you didn’t have the skills or knowledge? That’s what it feels like for teens every day.

Super Skills for Students Class

This 4 week class was created to provide a way to help teens learn how their ADHD may be interfering with their academic success and to develop strategies that work for the way they think. This small, online class provides a safe, nonjudgmental class where teens can learn from other teens (with guidance of course).

This class is offered to both middle school and high school students (taught separately.)

Together, we’ll dispel ADHD myths and help students dive deeper into understanding themselves. They will begin to develop a knowledge base of strategies that work for the way they think. Additionally, we’ll cover self-advocacy, problem solving, goal setting, creating a motivation menu that doesn't depend on urgency and much more. All students need these super skills.


Middle School: Super Skills for Students is scheduled for Tuesdays, October 17, 2023 to November 7, 2023 at 4pmET-5:15pmET.  Once registered you will be sent a zoom link two days before class begins.  

High School:Super Skills for Students has not been scheduled. If interested, please contact me and we can set it up. Classes via zoom so no travel involved.

Investment is $197 and includes accountability check-ins and email/text access for questions.

If you have questions about the class, please contact me to learn more.