Family Coaching for ADHD

We’ll start by determining what the goals are, from both the parent and the student perspectives. We’ll all talk together, but after, I will take time to speak to both the child and the parent separately.

I feel strongly that progress can only occur when there is honesty, trust, commitment, and accountability. Once goals are determined, we’ll decide on the best plan of action together. I do recommend starting with my Exploratory Coaching Program as a way to fully assess needs and challenges.

Exploratory Coaching Program

Exploratory Coaching Program

The reality is, one session alone isn’t enough for me to get all the information I need to develop a coaching plan for the family. Change takes time and, in my experience, it takes at least three sessions in order to:

  • Properly assess challenges
  • Identify biggest roadblocks to success
  • Determine areas of strength
  • Develop a supportive and helpful coaching plan

This program includes three, 60-minute sessions that can be broken up into smaller time slots, as needed, to work with the family as a whole or with individual members.

Once we complete the three exploratory sessions, we can then determine which program will best suit your child and your family.

3-Month Family Coaching Program

3-Month Family Coaching Program

I offer a 3-month Family ADHD Coaching program because this is the minimum time required to effect change in behavior and establish new and helpful habits. The program schedule is once weekly, 60-minute sessions or two 30-minute sessions per week.

Each family has its unique needs and there’s no one right way to create change. We’ll work together to design a family coaching program that works for you, determining what to focus on and how to use session time: group family coaching, individual sessions, etc.

At the end of each month, we will look at the overall agenda and see how everyone is doing. We’ll assess where there’s been progress, where there still needs effort and attention, and what may need to adjust in the program.

At the end of three months, if additional support and coaching is needed, we’ll discuss and figure out how best to go forward, whether with individual student coaching, or the Thriving with ADHD in the Family class for the parents, or continuing with a Monthly Family Coaching Program.

Contact me today and let’s schedule time to talk and figure out if Family ADHD Coaching is right for you and your family.