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Aiming high but having trouble getting there? The Thinking and Doing Skills Center provides the skills, systems and strategies you need to reach your potential and live the life you dream of. Whether your challenges are at school, work or home, we can help.


Every student wants to succeed. For some, attention (ADD/ADHD) and weak executive function skills interfere with their ability to get things done and to retain the information they are learning. They often spend long hours “studying” but still do not get the grades they are capable of. For others, “to study” means glancing at their notes or text book. So what can they do?  See more…


Having trouble juggling all of life’s responsibilities? If you are “busy” all day long but feel frustrated and discouraged at the end of the day, then it is time to do things differently. There is an easier way to get things done, be organized, and find time for yourself.  It starts here…


Looking to make changes in your life but don’t want to do it alone? Joining a group of similarly minded people provides support, friendship and accountability (if you want it) so you can make those changes and grow into the life you dream of. Learning and doing together may be just what you need to succeed.  See more…