Back in the saddle

It’s two weeks into the new school year – how are you doing? I hope you have followed some of my tips (see August blogs) and are finding things going a bit smoother than last year. One more week to go before it becomes a habit….unless of course, you haven’t been following the routines each day. Then you are at step one. Baby steps one day at a time for three weeks to a less stressed life. Isn’t it worth a try?

For those with or without children in school, the fall is a great time to do something fun. Check out the adult education classes in your town (or a surrounding town) for ideas. There are classes that meet for one, two or eight sessions depending on what your interests are. Your local newspaper has information on other options such as a Toastmaster’s club, dance lessons or even a scrabble club nearby. There are plenty of options available. I know you are probably thinking I don’t have time for fun. Well, if you don’t take time for fun (which willstar gazing recharge you) then how will you ever take care of your family? Self care comes first and keeping yourself happy and healthy allows you to be at your best for those you love. Isn’t now a good time to start?

I am signing up for a two night class that allows me to look at the stars through a powerful telescope. Time commitment 3 hours, the recharging of my soul as I realize I am only a speck in the grand plan of things…..priceless. What fun will you have?  I’d love to hear about it.