Lessons from a Fish

nemo-fishAt last, the blizzard of 2013 is over! I hope you made it safely through and are now getting back to “normal.” The sun is out and the snow is melting. I know we are not through with the worst of the winter yet, but at least we continue to get closer to Spring every day. We lost power for about 50 hours which was long enough to bring the house temperature down lower than 40 degrees (we left at that point) even with a fire in the fireplace. I didn’t want to leave but felt defeated by Mother Nature. Shouldn’t I be able to handle this? I’m usually the optimist always looking for the bright side….but I felt cheated out of my “snow day” by a power outage.

It took a fish now named, “Super Dude” to snap me out of it. Out of a tank full of more than 50 fish of different sizes, only one survived. The newly named “Super Dude” was not the biggest or the smallest of the fish but he must have been the smartest as he clearly found a place to hide that kept him warm enough to survive. When the tank was finally uncovered he began to swim happily above the destruction below.

Here’s what I learned from Super Dude:

  • Think creatively rather than doing what everyone else is doing
  • It might not be easy, but do it anyways….the payoff will be worth it
  • Take care of yourself first (so you can better take care of others)
  • Stay focused!
  • Look for the brighter side…. Lost food = cleaned out frig and freezer
  • Be grateful!

What did you learn from the storm? Let me know in the comments below.