Letter to the Mayans

Dear Mayans,

mayanAs I write this it is December 22, 2012. I guess all that talk about the world ending yesterday was just a way for you to get some extra attention. Tell me the truth, did you just run out of room or were you tired of continuing on with that calendar? Either way I am happy that the world did not end yesterday.

I saw on the news about people getting ready for the end of the world, and although I believe in being prepared (I am an organizer, after all) it gave me pause to think about what would I regret if the world had suddenly come to an abrupt end?

Top on my list was telling those I love, just how important they are to me. We are never sure what tomorrow will bring and so thanks Mayans for that gentle reminder that life is precious. I’d like to be a better friend too. Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day stuff that I miss opportunities to spend time with my friends. I’d like to make new friends too. I know that takes time and effort but the rewards are worth it.

I’d like to take more time for fun. Work can sometimes consume all of my available time as there is always more I can do. So, I am going to make time to “play” (without feeling guilty) and stretch myself out of my comfort zone. Imagine if the world had ended and I never got to catch that tuna, take a hot air balloon ride over Italy or hang glide.

In general I hope to be less stressed, take more time for the little things, be less judgmental of crazy drivers (this will be very tough) and be grateful everyday for the multitude of blessings in my life.

So, thanks Mayans, for not being right ….this time.