Tip 3: Structure is not a bad thing

Here is the third tip on organizing your kids for summer. If you just started reading I suggest you follow the links to the first part of this three part blog and start from there and read back. Although the summer is often the time we think of breaking out of our daily routine, it … Read more

Tip 2: Plan B for summer fun

Last week we talked about being prepared for the summer by checking out all the kids’ toys, games and sports equipment to be sure they are in good working condition. This week the second tip to having fun this summer is to always have a plan B. Thinking ahead and having some activities and day trip … Read more

First step to organizing your kids for summer fun

The school year is nearing its end and everyone is excited about the coming of summer. Want to make sure the summer goes smoothly? Here is the first of three tips that will help you and your children enjoy the summer. The first step is to be prepared. What does that mean? For safety and … Read more

Organization and blogging – how you can help

For those of you that are reading this from the link I provided in your email, I would like to explain the differences between the HOPE newsletter that you subscribed to and the new Laine’s Logic Blog. As you have noticed, you are not notified each time a new blog is posted so you either … Read more

The two minute gnat attack

Gnats, those tiny, black, pesky bugs that seem to have innate radar for flying into eyes and mouths are out in full force this week. They are annoying and persistent not unlike some of the tasks on my to do list. I know that if I run I’ll have a moment of peace or I … Read more

Plan for an organized life

What does it mean to get organized? For many people it means de-cluttering or tossing things they love and “hiding” most of the other stuff. They think that when their house is in a perfect state (which only lasts for a short time) and they are “organized” then all will be right with the world. I … Read more

Organization ≠ Perfection

I recently celebrated an anniversary of sorts. It quietly went by without balloons, gifts or fanfare. Yet it marked a memorable event – it is a day etched in my memory as the day I changed my life! I decided to get organized! A lot has happened since then, some good, some bad, some memorable … Read more