Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

I love January! The fresh start offered by those clean white calendar pages always makes me feel hopeful. This year I plan on being more conscious about the choices I make. Sometimes I quickly say “yes” when I really should say “no.” Has that ever happened to you? We may have the best intentions and want to be helpful (liked or avoid hurting someone’s feelings), but in the long run we only add stress to our lives and wear ourselves down because we have taken on more than any human should. Can you tell I am reading “The Art of Extreme Self Care” by Cheryl Richardson? That’s step one.

            Step 2 of my plan (I don’t make resolutions anymore) is to systematically go through my home and declutter, fix or reorganize anything that is bothering me. I like to call them “gnats.” Just like those tiny little black bugs that you can’t really see but feel buzzing around your face, these things “bug” me. They can be physical things that I have been tolerating for too long or an area where my current system is either not working effectively or is lacking. Some examples might be the pile of shoes in the entryway, creating a password manager list (you would think I could remember my Amazon.com password by now), planning time to visit with friends, and handling the constant influx of papers. Take a look around, find what is bugging you and write it down. Then join me as we attack and put to rest these “gnats” that have been bothering us for too long. Each week a problem will be discussed and I will provide you with several solutions. You’ll have a week to complete the task before the next one. Twelve activities, twelve weeks to a calmer, more organized life. Are you in?



For those readers in the Norwell, Massachusetts area or areas south of Boston you can learn how to Tackle and Tame Your Mountain of Paper by attending our free workshop.


Tackle and Tame Your Mountain of Paper

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