Too Many To-Do's?

            Time has a way of creeping up on us. As you can see this blog is two weeks overdue. I apologize for that but it has led me back to technology (I have previously used) for a solution.             With our heads full of so many things we want to do, should do, and … Read more

Set Three and Be Free: End Multitasking

Got Papers? Learn how to Tackle and Tame Your Papers Thursday, March 19, 2009 At 7pm Norwell Middle School Community Room 328 Main Street (Rte 123) Norwell, Ma  02061   Design a system that will keep your papers under control once and for all. Never pay a late fee again or miss an invitation with … Read more

Week 7: One Day At A Time Towards Health

            I know you have heard it before. We all know we should but then, why don’t we? Exercise regularly that is. I recently stepped back to “people watch” and discovered how many people have difficulty moving about. I take my ability to walk, ride a bike, snowshoe, ballroom dance and swim for granted. I … Read more

Week 6:Organize Your Jewels

            Welcome to week 6 of the 12 week Get Organized Plan for 2009.  I started this 12 week plan because I realized there were some problem areas in my own home that needed some maintenance. “Maintenance” is what we organizers call the revising of systems that aren’t quite working as well as they should … Read more

Come In: Organizing Your Entry

First the snow, then the ice and now the melting mess! The warmer temperatures (although I love them) have started melting the mounds of snow and uncovering layer upon layer of sand and salt. Is all this coming into your home? Are you tired of stepping over piles of boots and shoes as soon as … Read more

Get Organized Plan Week 4: Whip your kitchen into shape

     Now that we’ve handled the papers that invade our lives and our space (see January blogs), it’s time to organize those spaces that we use the most. The kitchen pops into mind for several reasons. If it’s hard to cook or we can’t find what we’re looking for what are the chances that we’ll … Read more

Get Organized Plan:Week 3 – Electronic “paper”

How to handle your electronic “paper” so you can find what you need quickly is the third in our series on handling the papers in our lives. We have set up a system to handle the incoming mail and papers (see blog dated January 12) and we have cleaned out our files (see January 19). … Read more

Get Organized Plan: Week 2

Fess Up about your Files! This week we are going to clean out our files, collect the necessary items for doing our taxes and set up household files for 2009. Ready? First step is to look at your files. Now fess up, are they neat and orderly and can you easily locate what you need? … Read more

New Year Organizing Plan: Week 1

Week 1: Are you ready for lesson one of our organizing plan for 2009? What arrives 6 days a week no matter the weather. Sometimes it is only a small amount and other times it is a pile but each day it continues to grow. If left unattended it can cost you time, money and … Read more