2012 Resolutions be Gone!

2012 motivation without resolutions
2012 motivation without resolutions

Happy New Year! I wish you a year that is all you want it to be. Have you thought about what you would like 2012 to be like? If you reflect back on 2011 as you think about this you may see some things that you want less of. For instance, less stress, less overtime, less excess weight, etc. But instead focus on the positives of what your life would look like and the kind of person you would need to become to have that.

2012 is a brand new year and the opportunity is there for each of us to make it our best year ever. How do you do that? By the choices (ie decisions) you make every moment. You may not even realize you are making a choice because it happens so often throughout the day. But as you start to pay attention, you’ll notice the opportunity to make a wise choice/decision rather than not thinking about it at all. That’s like automatically accepting the “default” setting on your life.

For example, to have less weight, maybe you would need to protect/guard/improve your health. It’s not a resolution I will lose 10 pounds this year, but more of a promise to yourself to protect your health by the choices you make. You would be surprised at the number of opportunities you have throughout the day to “protect your health.” Should I work out, should I take the elevator or the stairs, should I bring my lunch or buy it? Choices you make each and every day that either help or hinder your health.

So, no more resolutions! Instead pick several areas of your life that are important to you and see if you can put them into short phrases that are easy to remember. Then this month focus on the positives, the “wiser” choices you make, and keep track of how you do. I have used Darren Hardy’s Weekly Rhythm Register in the past because you can adapt it to fit your needs. However, this year I am using Joe’s goals so I can keep track on my phone and/or computer. Here are just three of the things I am tracking this year. I will protect my health, respect my boundaries and complete my top five priorities each day. The overriding theme for this year for me is “choices, not excuses!” By tracking those things (and a few more) I feel it will make a difference in my life and also in the kind of person I am. Besides, focusing on what I am doing feels so much better than focusing on what I am not doing.

So, what’s it going to be for you this year? Let me know in the comment box below and let’s get this discussion going.

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