What inspires you?

Where does inspiration and motivation come from? Here are two women that have inspired me and I hope will inspire you too. Together we can make a difference but it starts with each of us finding something we are passionate about and then doing something about it. The key here is ACTION.


My lifelong friend, Rosemonde, found inspiration and motivation where she least expected it – in a TV commercial!  She was sitting on the couch “relaxing” as she often did, when a commercial for the Susan G. Komen Three Day Breast Cancer walk came on. She had seen these commercials before and is not a stranger to the pain and suffering breast cancer causes having watched her mother struggle and succumb to it over 20 years ago. But something was different this year, somehow her doubts about making a difference as one person faded away and she decided that for herself, her daughter and all her female friends she would step up and do something about it. She went to the meeting to get more details and there she signed on for the 60 mile walk. She was given advice and a training schedule that would help her “train” for this incredible event. Now keep in mind, Rosemonde doesn’t even like to walk on a treadmill. Yet she has persevered through the training by walking and cross training daily and steadily increasing the distance. This weekend as part of the training she is to walk 18 miles on Saturday and 15 miles on Sunday.  The training is a big time commitment and she has had to organize her life around it. She is doing it and I know she will make it through. I am so proud of her!


When Rosemonde’s daughter, Joia, got the news she immediately signed on in support of her mother and in memory of the grandmother she never knew. Distance keeps them from training together but Joia has taken on the challenge. She has had to organize her life around college, work and training for not one but two events! Joia is a runner and had set her sights on running a marathon and so this year she will be joining her mother for the Three Day walk in August and running the NYC marathon as part of Team for Kids in November! Team for Kids is “… committed to improving the health and fitness of children across the United States and around the world. Team for Kids programs teach children the fundamentals of lifetime fitness, while building their fortitude and focus and increasing their self-discipline and self-esteem. Just last night there was a news report on childhood obesity and the alarming decrease in the amount of physical activity of children today. This is not only causing health problems at early ages but social, academic and self esteem issues as well. What a great program to support.


If you’re shaking your head and agreeing with me but thinking I am only one person, I can’t make a difference. Then think again! Rosemonde is making a difference and Joia is making a difference and all those that support those that can make that commitment – are also making a difference. Together we are stronger. What inspires you to action?


Each participant needs to raise a minimum of $2200.00 in order to take part in these events. For more information on these events or to donate in support of Rosemonde and/or Joia please use the links below:



The 3 Day



The NYC marathon Team for Kids:


Joia’s entry number : 258170

Last name: Spinelli




The 3 Day: Rosemonde:     http://08.the3day.org/goto/rospinelli

Together we are stronger. 

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