Too Many To-Do's?

            Time has a way of creeping up on us. As you can see this blog is two weeks overdue. I apologize for that but it has led me back to technology (I have previously used) for a solution.

            With our heads full of so many things we want to do, should do, and have to do, it is no wonder we feel stressed.  David Allen of Getting Things Done (GTD) fame says that we “only have so much psychic RAM” and (I’m summarizing here) if we don’t find a way to put some of those things into another form of storage we may run out of “RAM” and crash.

            Think back to the last time you felt really overwhelmed by all that you needed to do. Did you sit down to write a new “to do” list? I often end up using a mind map form (looks like a circle in the middle with other circles connected by lines and then tasks under each of those). It helps me focus and determine which tasks go with which part of my life. Business, Personal, Family are a few of my subcategories. One thing is for sure, while I am doing it, I feel better. Yes, it looks like a lot but at least I am not forgetting anything important. I can then break down the big “tasks” (really they are projects) into the next action steps. That gives me a better of idea of what is really involved in getting that (“biggie”) crossed off the list. When we try to hold it all in our heads or move it from one to do list to another one, we run the danger of losing something.

            Enter Hiveminder. There are other free programs out there that do the same things, like Remember the Milk but Hiveminder has the Brain Dump function I like (and the Bee theme is cute too). I type a list of everything on my mind and it will create a task list for me. Then I can add details, set priorities and reminders. I can delegate tasks to others using it and even create a shared task list (great for household stuff that needs to get done). The task review option is a great way to review each task. I can see just how much I really have accomplished.

            My point is there are options out there and using them can save you time, energy and “psychic RAM” so why not use them and save that brain space for more creative endeavors. Let me know what you’re using to handle your to do’s in the comment section below. (PS Just my opinion, I am not endorsing any programs)