Music to My Ears

music-sheetMusic is everywhere. Sometimes we hear it and sometimes we don’t. You may suddenly realize you have a “tune” stuck in your head and have no idea that it was playing in the store you just left. Students can now bring their music to school and use it while they work independently.

Well, I recently worked with a student who was taking a “music theory” class and learned that there is much more to music than I ever realized. He was having some difficulty with it and it’s hard to know what or how to study when you don’t really understand it. So, he taught me a few things but I could see the big concepts were hard for him to put into language I (aka a novice) could understand. That’s one of the key ways I can tell if a student really understands something….if they can explain it in language that someone else with little or no knowledge of the subject can understand.

Aside from piano lessons as a child and a music appreciation class, I have little understanding of the inner workings of music – however I do love music!

Here’s how I use music:

  • To give me energy when I am running low or have run out
  • To lift my mood
  • To motivate
  • As a workout
  • As a distraction
  • To reduce stress
  • To get both sides of my brain working (great for learning)
  • For time management (beat the clock and finish a task before it ends.)

How do you use music? Let me know in the comments box please….I’d like it not to say “no comments”.

Thanks for reading.