Getting Organized – The Key Points

February 22: Happy Anniversary to me! Yes, it has been 31 years since I started my quest to become organized. I didn’t even know what it was that I needed to do, I only knew I needed to do something. Often times we are so “caught up” in the day to day of things that we don’t stop to actually think about how we could improve our lives. Well, on that day I did stop.

Here’s what I have learned since that day:

  • People are much more important than how your home looks.
  • There’s always a way to improve something if you take time to think about it.
  • SYSTEMS can always help (A process or series of actions you do to complete a task in an organized manner).
  • There is no ONE right way to organize – you have to find what works for you (and it may take several tries).
  • Keep it simple – the fewer steps the better.
  • Organization feels good!
  • Maintenance is key. That’s when you go back and redo or tweak your system. Ex: reorganize the closet…take it back to the point it was when you finished organizing it the first time.
  • You have the solutions inside you…but you just might need someone else to help pull them out of you.

An Organizer Coach, like me, has a combination of skills to help you understand yourself, guide you to solve your own challenges and help you create systems to get organized – all at the same time. Call or email me to find out how I can be of help to you.


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Five Years and Counting

Happy Anniversary to me! I have now officially been in business for five years. Although that puts me in the elite Golden Circle membership of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) it means so much more. As a person and a business owner I have had to stretch further than I thought was possible. Yet, here I am 5 years later much more confident, capable and compassionate.

To my all my clients I want to say thank you. I am grateful that you allowed me into your homes and into your lives. I have learned from you as I hope you have learned from me. Once you decided to get organized, I watched you dig deep to make tough decisions always keeping in mind the bigger picture. You have challenged and pushed me to find answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges. For that I am extremely grateful.

Thank you also to the students I have taught both in the Learning Logistics classes and in individual coaching sessions. The skills you have learned and the new habits you have developed will continue to serve you well. I applaud your determination and your stamina and I thank you for allowing me to share in your successes.

Looking forward I am continuing my education in the Coach program, expanding the Learning Logistics classes to other towns and teaching more workshops. I continue to be passionate about helping students and their families deal with life’s responsibilities in an organized way that works for them. Together we can make a difference!

Dedicated to Biff, Jason and Marc who stuck with me from the beginning (28 years ago today, when I changed my/our disorganized lives).  I love you!

The Learning Logistics class teaches 5th -8th graders the skills they need to succeed in school. Skills such as time management, project planning, organization and homework strategies are taught in this 4 week class at the Hingham Community Center. Next class begins March 8th, call to register (781) 749-9789.