Keys? Keys? Where are my Keys?

keysWhen was the last time you had to hunt for your keys? Were you late or just frustrated with yourself when you finally found them? Out of all the organizing tips I first learned (yes, it’s true I wasn’t born organized) this is the tip that has saved me the most time and aggravation – hang your keys on a hook near the door you use to go out. Sounds simple doesn’t it? What used to happen is that I would leave them in my coat pocket or pocketbook or drop them on the table which would then get covered with the mail and although they are a fairly substantial bunch of keys, they had the ability to become invisible. How else would you explain the fact that one minute they are not there and the next time you look in the same place – there they are?

Here’s what I suggest: create a launch pad area near where you exit the house that is large enough for all the important things you need when leaving. Place either a hook on the wall or place a specific basket there for your keys….and only your keys. You can also set up a charging station for your cellphone as that sometimes has stealth abilities also. The idea is to have a place for everything you need to head out the door. When you come back home, place things there, especially those keys and you’ll save yourself some time and aggravation.

I know the research says it takes 28 days to change a habit but “my research” says it’s more like 56 days. Oh, and set things in your launch pad area each evening so that you are ready to go in the morning without any hassle.

Here’s a flash from the distant past that adds a bit of humor to the drama of not being able to find your keys. Credit goes to Paul Peterson.

2 thoughts on “Keys? Keys? Where are my Keys?”

  1. I thought it was just me who needed more than 28 days to change a habit! I have a fuzzy area of launch pad. My shoes always taken off at the door. Purse (with keys) always goes on my desk near the front door. Dog leash always goes on the hall door. I even have launch pads for individual rooms. Anything important (glasses, keys, cell phone) goes on the TV in my bedroom because it is right nest to the door and light switch. Luke has learned to leave his wallet on the floor in the hall in front of his bedroom. I will work to make him learn to take off his stuff and put it in the hall closet with his shoes when he comes home.

    Love the song, by the way!

  2. Hi, Laine!

    Loved the song by Paul Peterson! It is so true. I can’t tell you how many times I have “lost” my keys only to find them where I first looked for them. Maybe, it’s a ghost trying to get my attention??

    My black pocketbook has a hook on the inside specifically for keys which works out quite well…when I am using that purse. However, it’s spring and a different pocketbook… and it’s not that easy to find them, even though it has lots of pockets and not too many items in the center.

    I don’t really have a place for a launch pad near the door and prefer to keep my keys with my pocketbook, in case of an emergency.

    Maybe I should find a place for a spare set. That might work.

    I do have a launch pad for my work keys which I keep on my nightstand so that I can put them in my pants pocket before I leave the house and that works out. So I guess I do use your idea.

    Well, thanks for the ideas. They’re always practical and doable.



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