Organizing the Backpack

            Did you catch me on Channel 7 ( on Friday, the 11th? Here’s what they didn’t tell you about organizing the backpack.

            Children need a backpack, supplies and a study area that are organized to keep them on track with their school work. The backpack is often seen as a big black hole where things seem to disappear. Help your child organize it by naming each pocket and deciding what belongs there. Create a little “map” of what the inside looks like and use it to see where things belong until it becomes a habit or label each pocket. Check to make sure the backpack opens wide and that the zipper moves smoothly.

            Using clear poly folders with bright colored end tabs makes it easy to find homework papers. Teach your child to put books and notebooks in according to size. It is very easy for a small book to get lost between two big notebooks. Color code subjects so that notebooks and textbooks are easy to locate. Use zippered pockets in bright colors to keep little things from getting lost at the bottom of the bag and clip it to the key ring.

            Check the fit of the backpack and the weight when packed. It should not hang more than four inches below the waistline when both padded straps are used. The weight of the backpack fully packed for homework (which does not mean everything in the locker) should not exceed 10% of the child’s weight. 

            Each week sit with your child while they clean out and “reorganize” the backpack. Sundays are a great day for doing this as you prepare for the “organized” week ahead.

New! Learning Logistics class is starting October 19th at the Hingham Community Center. This four week class teaches your child the homework and study skills, time management and organization skills he/she needs to succeed.


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