Put More "Summer" in Your Life

Add some summer fun to your week.
Add some summer fun to your week.

Ahhh, the lazy, hazy days of summer are finally here. Now is the time to create a summer plan that will put more summer into your life. Working five days a week, we tend to cram all our summer fun into the weekends. A summer plan is designed to change the routine and add some time to be spontaneous. Being spontaneous applies to what happens naturally rather than being planned or influenced by external forces and the summer is the perfect time for it.

First you will need to take a look at your schedule to see where you can squeeze in summer. I hope you have a vacation already planned, if not, that should be your first priority. We all have the same 168 hours per week how are you using yours? Are there any weekly or monthly activities that you can cut down or put on hold? Could you get up an hour earlier now that the early mornings are bright? Ease up on the hectic pace and change the routine to see if you can’t gain an hour or two a day for yourself. Block out some time in your planner then if something comes up it will be easier for you to say “No, I am sorry I already have a commitment on that day.”

Just by changing your routine and easing up on some things your attitude will change. Next add some summer fun during the week such as; breakfast on the deck, lunch at the park, a picnic dinner at the beach, read for 30 minutes in the hammock, or camp out in your own backyard with s’mores over the barbecue. Stargazing, walking the beach at night, or riding your bike around the neighborhood are all activities that get you outside in the good weather. Be creative and look for other opportunities to add summer fun to your life and maybe it won’t seem so short this year.

Serendipity, according to dictionary.com, means “good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.” I wish you a serendipitous summer!