The Magic of Containers

Do you have mail and papers spread out all over your counters or in separate piles throughout your home or office? With the holidays fast approaching, here is a quick tip to save you time and make your home look “organized.” Ready?

Get a decorative container or basket large enough to hold all those papers and put them in it. There doesn’t that look better? By “containerizing” you are transforming several piles into one and:

·         you’ll know where to look when you need something (saving you time searching each pile)

·         your home or office space will look neater (reducing your stress)

·         you are able to quickly move the container to clear the counter (saving you energy and time)

·         others in the family know where to look (reducing the blame game and your stress level)

In general, containing papers holds them in place until you can deal with them. It takes less than five minutes and can make a big difference in how neat and organized your home looks. One warning though, do NOT put bills in this container! Bills should have a separate home and should never land in a pile (unless you like paying late fees).

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