Spring is coming….are you ready?

Spring AheadDaylight savings time begins this weekend. That means the days will start off a bit darker but the afternoons will be lighter longer. That always seems to help my energy level. I must run on solar power.

We actually can lose an hour of sleep this weekend if we stick to our regular routine bedtime. Most people set the clock ahead as they are getting into bed on Saturday only to discover it is now an hour later than their usual bedtime. My recommendation is to set your watch (not all the clocks in your house unless you want to drive someone crazy) a ½ hour ahead on Friday afternoon so that you get used to the difference in the level of light. Check it several times and eat dinner according to the new time. Then on Saturday afternoon turn it back the rest of the way. Go by the new time as your bed time and keep the alarm set the same. You’ll actually sleep an extra hour and wake up feeling better instead of worse. I know most weekends you might not stick to your regular bedtime but by staying up longer or even sleeping in you can throw your circadian rhythms off. The reason Mondays are often so hard is because the circadian rhythms have been thrown off by two or three hours. That’s like flying back from California making Monday mornings feel like jetlag.

Now what will you do with your new found energy? First, change the batteries in your smoke detectors and then in your carbon monoxide detectors as well. You do have a carbon monoxide detector don’t you? These two simple actions can save your life. Please go do that now. The rest of the day is for you to do something that recharges your own batteries. Whether that is a walk outdoors, taking time to read a book or the Sunday newspaper…..whatever it is that will help re-energize you. Now go do that. Happy Spring!