Backpack Do's and Don'ts

Homework stress

The first term is coming to an end in the next week. How is your child/teen doing so far this year? Did they start off strong and then start to slip? Do you find yourself reminding them to do their homework and still find they have “surprise” last minute projects or tests? It can be frustrating, I know. What I have noticed in my work with students is that sometimes parents are “too close” and your voice becomes like Charlie Brown’s mother’s (wahhh wahhh wahhh). Sometimes having your child/teen be accountable to someone else is helpful. I have designed a program that sends daily emails to your child to keep them on track and to help them develop the skills they need in school. Here is a sample from Day 9 of the End Homework Hassle ELearning Course. Check it out at:

Day 9:

Let’s take a look at your backpack today. First, go get it and take it to the bathroom and weigh it. If it won’t balance on the scale you can weigh yourself without holding it and then with it….and then do the math.

1. Weight of backpack = __B__

2. Your weight x .10 = ___A___

3.  Is B A?

If the backpack weighs more than 10% of your weight, then try to take out what you don’t need. Some students bring home all their books because they don’t want to check their agendas for the homework they have and bring it all home, just in case.

For example if you weigh 100 pounds, your backpack should weigh 10 pounds or less or you could be hurting your back, neck or shoulders.

Use both straps so the weight is distributed on both shoulders. Allow the backpack to sit just below the back of your waist. Too high and you put a strain on your back, too low and you strain your shoulders. Leave what you don’t need in your locker. Consider having a backup set of books at home. Lighten the load by using one notebook instead of four if possible.

If your bag still weighs more than 10% of your weight, try to remember to stretch out those muscles after carrying it and if they continue to ache, mention it to your parent.

That’s it for today. Now which subject will you do first today?

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