Women’s Coaching Group

happiness-priority-quoteHappy Summer! Is this the year you take time for yourself and work towards your dreams? The kids are all settled in their routines so it is time to think about what would make you happy. Think about your goals, dreams and ideas. Are you working on them?

Often we put others ahead of our own needs and put off the things that are important to us. I know that sometimes I need a push from outside in order to work on the things that are important to me. Our women’s coaching group is designed to give you that push. It will help you pursue the things that are important to you. The group is designed to support you as you define, develop and attain your goals. Whatever is important to you, this group will listen, support and hold you accountable (if you want) as you develop your plan and live your dream.

Not sure if you have a dream or a goal? It doesn’t really matter as we will explore what is important to you and maybe unearth a long forgotten dream or spark an idea. Topics in the past have included life balance, getting organized, changing jobs, starting a business, losing weight, etc. It is not about the topic but about you creating the time to work on something that is important to you….mainly yourself.

Who am I to offer this? My name is Laine Dougherty and I am the owner of the Thinking and Doing Skills Center in Hingham, MA. Although the name of the business has recently changed, I have been helping students and adults with executive dysfunction, ADHD, and organizational challenges for over twelve years. I am a certified Organizer Coach which means I have had coach training through an International Coaching Federation approved program called Coach Approach for Organizers. This program specialized in ADHD and other brain based challenges, disorganization, time management, and  included well over 70 hours of coach specific training. It is the type of certification that requires continued learning and is renewed every three years provided the CEU requirement is attained.

As a coach, I believe you are a creative, resourceful person and probably have the answers, solutions and strategies you need already deep inside. My goal as a coach is to help you discover them. Think deeper about your beliefs, question your assumptions, or maybe just reframe your thinking in order to get you to see the bigger picture. Your goal will be your focus, but if you don’t know what that goal is, that is okay.  Here’s a bit of what we will cover in the six weeks.

  • Dreams, Visions and Goals
  • Values and Needs
  • Creating goals and benchmarks that motivate, inspire and push you
  • Big agendas vs little agendas
  • Life “sequencing” and how to find the time to reach your goal
  • Resources
  • Accountability options

During each 75 minute group class, there will be a focus or short “lesson” and then participants will have time to be coached directly on any step in the process. The rest of the group can provide non-judgmental support, ideas and help with problem solving. Each week participants will update their progress to the group.

This group meets weekly for six weeks with an option to continue on. We understand life is complicated, so rest assured if you don’t do what you set out to do, it is no big deal. However, I will want to have you look closer at it to see what might have gotten in the way. Accountability – yes, guilt – NO WAY!

Here are the meeting dates: Tuesdays, June 4, 11, 18, 25 and July 9, and 16 (no class week of July 4) at 7pm. What would it feel like to celebrate knowing you are moving forward (and may have already attained) your number one goal? Think about that for a moment…..really feel it.

Here is how to sign up. You can register here and pay for the entire program at once, an investment in yourself for only $295 for the six 75 minute sessions, or in two installments of $150 each or pay before each meeting at $50/session. You’ll need to enter the amount on the next screen after you click on the register button.

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I want to congratulate you for taking this very important step and investing in yourself. I look forward to coaching you and helping you achieve your goals.