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Individual Student Coaching Packages

Tired of the homework hassles and the ongoing battle to get students to become independent self-starting learners? This new class provides ongoing support for an entire term or (other ten week time frame) to guide students through their homework and projects while learning the skills they need to become independent learners. Each 45 minute session is divided into three sections: coaching time, a learning/studying strategy and homework accountability and review. Not only will we teach them the skills they need to be organized, use their time wisely, understand teacher expectations, and learn how to learn, but we will keep them on track with their homework to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. Students will leave the session having started or possibly completed one homework and have a plan for finishing the rest, with an accountability option as well. What would it feel like to know that your son or daughter is doing their homework and learning how to become a better student at the same time? If that would make a noticeable difference in your home, then sign up today as these weekly spots go quickly!

Over the course of the ten weeks, your son or daughter will receive 7.5 hours of coaching/instruction and homework help. They will start by figuring out how they will keep track of their work and develop a routine/habit that works for them. Each week will build on the previous one and they will be required to be active participants in the coaching. Coaching leads to change and if your son or daughter is ready to change – then this ongoing support program may be just the thing to start that process.

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