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Goal Setting for Teens IV

Goal Setting for Teens IV

Now that you have separated your goals into actionable steps and put them in your calendar, it is time to add in some reinforcement to help you succeed (please see previous posts). We all know how hard it is to start a new habit and maintain it. Sheer willpower does...

Goal Setting for Teens II

In my previous post I mentioned that SMART goal setting for teens can provide a direction, focus and a measurable path for achieving the success they want. Whether it is to make the team, ace a test or make the honor roll a teen can benefit from clarifying what it is...

Goal Setting for Teens

Many adults begin the new year with high hopes and new resolutions. When I asked several middle and high school age students what their New Year resolutions or goals were they said, “better grades.” When asked to elaborate though they were at a loss as to how they...