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Come In: Organizing Your Entry

First the snow, then the ice and now the melting mess! The warmer temperatures (although I love them) have started melting the mounds of snow and uncovering layer upon layer of sand and salt. Is all this coming into your home? Are you tired of stepping over piles of boots and shoes as soon as you come in the doorway? Well, here’s some help for your entryway: 1.  First try to trap as much dirt outside as possible by using a large door mat outside your door. If you often enter your home through the garage, it’s a good idea to put a mat there too. This will trap some of the dirt. Place another large rug or mat inside your entryway door to catch more of it. Make sure it can handle wet boots or use a boot tray. Vacuuming and shaking the rug outdoors will keep that grit where it belongs. 2.  Many families remove their shoes at or near the doorway. This really cuts down on the amount of sand and grit in the rest of the home. Having a shoe rack, boot tray or basket to contain the shoes gives them a “home” and keeps them together. The easier it is to put the shoes in a spot, the more likely the children are to do it. Assign a spot for each child and watch what happens. 3.  Once inside the door, the hats and gloves (or mittens) are the first things off. In schools, children use cubbies and lockers to keep their things together. Why not use the same idea at home? Cubbies or...

Tackle and Tame Your Mountain of Paper!

Feel like you are surrounded by mountains of paper? Well you are not alone. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) says that over the course of your lifetime you will receive over 50,000 pieces of mail. Only about 1/3 or 16,500 pieces of that will be considered junk mail, but the rest is what you have to deal with.   Each and every day more and more paper enters our lives. If we cannot control it as it comes in, then it begins to pile up. The higher the pile the longer it takes to find what you need and you run the risk of missing something important. Creating a paper flow system can help you move the papers to where they belong and because it separates out the important “action” items it puts you back in control.     Would you like to be lifted out of the paper clutter and bring calm and order to your home and your life?    Then don’t miss:   Tackle and Tame Your Mountain of Paper! Thursday, October 16, 2008 Wednesday, January 14, 2009 or Thursday, March 19, 2009 7pm Norwell Community Room Norwell Middle School, 328 Main Street, Norwell, MA.   You’ll learn how to: º   Create a paper flow system º   Handle action items º   Manage children’s school papers º   File so you can find things quickly   Call or email today to register to attend this FREE workshop. (781)...