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school bus cartoonSummer is ending and soon students will be back at school. Will this year be a repeat of last year or will your student be more independent, more organized and get better grades?

If you are tired of the frustration, the prodding, and the reminding that happens over homework then maybe it is time for a different approach. This class helps middle and high school students identify their own challenges and encourages them to problem solve solutions that will work for them. Sure, we cover the basics of using “something” to keep track of what they have to do whether it is an agenda or an app on their phone. Whatever they use, it also has to work to remind them of future deadlines like projects and tests.

We teach a simple, four step method to organize anything and also talk about the importance of maintenance so that the organization continues to work. Think about never having a missing assignment again!

Studying does not mean “rereading” the text or the study guide. It really means asking questions to check to see whether or not they understand the concepts of what they are learning. I’ll show them the difference along with some memory tips and strategies for other homework challenges. We’ll also do an activity that shows the difference between focusing on one thing versus multitasking – along with the statistics of what that does to their ability to focus.

There are two options for this class: Wednesday, August 9th at 4pm for grades 4-6 or 7pm for grades 7-9.

Does this sound like it might be beneficial for your student? If you are ready to sign up, then just hit the “Register” button below. Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the form to enter student name, grade and date for the class you want. Or email me with any questions.

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Who am I to offer this? My name is Laine Dougherty and I am the owner of the Thinking and Doing Skills Center in Hingham, MA. Although the name of the business has recently changed, I have been helping students (and adults) with executive dysfunction, ADHD, and organizational challenges for over ten years.

Before that, I taught in public and private schools for over 18 years. I continue to work as an Educational Consultant in the public schools working to help teachers and Deaf students meet the challenges of a fast paced school day. This allows me the opportunity to observe different grade levels, subject areas, teaching styles and districts. I also consult at IEP and 504 team meetings and create goals for students and provide feedback and strategies for teachers. I know what is expected of your teen and can help them meet those challenges.

I believe every student wants to do well but sometimes they just continue to work the same way they have always worked and wonder why there is no improvement. As a certified Organizer Coach and experienced educator I combine coaching with teaching and organizational strategies to cover the major challenges students face. Every student is different and this class focuses on guiding them to discover and problem solve their biggest challenges.

Our Guarantee: If for some reason after the class you or your teen feels that this class was not helpful or did not meet the above expectations, then we will gladly refund your payment or work with you individually to meet those expectations. We want every student to be successful.

Still not convinced that this is the class for your teen? Here’s what others have said after working with us:

                        “Ask Laine about strategies because she is very good at those.”  K.P., Grade 10

“Laine is helpful and nice and pleasant to be around.” M.L. Grade 7 (This student has increased his ability to focus in English Language Arts by more than 75%)

“Laine is amazing at what she does! Very educated, empathetic and also willing and able to go the extra mile!” L.R. Parent of 6th Grade student

Class size is limited so register today!

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