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ADHD 2.0 Class

ADHD cropThis newly designed class is for students in grades 6-8 who want to better understand their ADHD, take advantage of its strengths and minimize its challenges. The class will help break down the mystery of how the ADHD brain interferes with homework, effective studying, successful test taking and remembering to get things done.

In order to be successful in school (or work in the adult world) we depend on certain skills and strategies like goal setting, planning, organization, stress management, and problem solving. We have to be able to focus and control how we monitor impulses in order to make the best choices based on our understanding of how we think. Simply put we have to think about our thinking in a logical and practical way and maintain the focus to get the job done. To do this we rely on our executive function skills. We’ll discuss these executive functions and their role in learning and in school. Students will create and develop a “tool kit” of strategies that will work for the way they think.

Group learning helps students realize that their challenges are not unique and that with a little guidance they can figure out how to work more effectively. The class meets four times for 75 minutes each. Each group is limited in size to assure each student’s needs are met and their questions answered.

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Who am I to offer this? My name is Laine Dougherty and I am the owner of the Thinking and Doing Skills Center in Hingham, MA. I have been helping students (and adults) with executive dysfunction, ADHD, and organizational challenges for over ten years. Before that, I taught in public and private schools for over 18 years.

I continue to work as an Educational Consultant in the public schools working to help teachers and Deaf students meet the challenges of a fast paced school day. This allows me the opportunity to observe different grade levels, subject areas, teaching styles and districts. I also consult at IEP and 504 team meetings and create goals for students and provide feedback and strategies for teachers. I know what is expected of your child in school and can help them meet those challenges.

I believe every student wants to do well but sometimes they just continue to work the same way they have always worked and wonder why there is no improvement. As a certified Organizer Coach and experienced educator I combine coaching with teaching and organizational strategies to cover the major challenges students face.

Every student is different and this class focuses on guiding them to discover and problem solve their biggest challenges. Think about the difference this understanding could make in their confidence and their success.

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Our Guarantee: If for some reason after the first class you or your child feels that this class is not helpful or is not meeting the above expectations, then we will gladly refund your payment or work with you individually to meet those expectations. We want every student to be successful.

Still not convinced that this is the class for your teen? Here’s what others have said after working with us:

“Ask Laine about strategies because she is very good at those.”  K.P., Grade 10

“Laine is helpful and nice and pleasant to be around.” M.L. Grade 7 (This student has increased his ability to focus in English Language Arts by more than 75%)

“Laine is amazing at what she does! Very educated, empathetic and also willing and able to go the extra mile!” L.R. Parent of 6th Grade student

“Definitely try this class if you have trouble with remembering, organizing or getting homework done.” S.M. Grade 7

Here’s a link to a blog I wrote on Executive functions that further explains how EFs can interfere in your child’s success.

momandsonIf your child is just as tired, frustrated and stressed about school, homework and their grades as you are, then offer them the opportunity to find a better way. Life is stressful enough and we are asking much more of children than ever before.

Don’t they have a right to learn how to be organized, effective, self-directed Happy mom and sonlearners? These strategies are not taught in schools and students do not know a better way…until today. Sign up and watch your child become more independent, while improving their ability to learn and maybe even their attitude towards school.